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Featured Speaker

Dr. Adel Chaouch

President and CEO, ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. 

Member, Bilateral Chamber Board of Advisors,

Honorary Consul of Tunisia in Houston


February 18-19, 2023


Houston Community College West Loop


Bilateral Model Arab League Competition (BiMAL)

2023 marked the 16th Annual Bilateral Model Arab League Competition. Students gathered from 7 universities across the region to represent 8 Arab League countries on various councils.


Participants were able to hear from Dr. Adel Chaouch, President and CEO of ShaMaran Petroleum and the Honorary Consul of Tunisia in Houston, who shared valuable knowledge and experiences on his endeavors within the MENA region.

Each respective university had students tasked with researching and developing compelling resolutions through constructive and structured debate for pressing issues. This program is designed to build critical leadership skills from public speaking and writing to negotiation and compromise. Students were able to enhance their knowledge of the region as well as parliamentary procedures. Within each council, students held debates designated to developing conducive solutions to current real-world problems. Through their participation in BIMAL, students are able to gain a hands-on educational experience that can be transferred to their future goals and aspirations.


The competition concluded with an awards ceremony in which participants and councils are recognized for their exceptional contributions to fruitful debate and resolutions. 


We look forward to increasing the number of participating universities and students and providing this educational and enjoyable experience for the MAL 2024 competition. 


Participating Universities

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