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Bilateral Chamber Meeting: Libya NOC
March 9, 2023
Houston, TX, USA

On March 9, 2023, in Houston, Texas, executive leadership of the global Bilateral Chamber of Commerce hosted a delegation of senior leaders of the Libya National Oil Company (NOC) for a comprehensive discussion of how the Bilateral Chamber can support NOC’s energy sector initiatives by connecting NOC and its affiliate companies with a vast array of U.S. advanced solution providers for partnership and commercial procurement opportunities.

Bilateral Chamber’s CEO, Ms. Aida Araissi, and Global Trade Team Leader, Mr. Pat Phillips,
shared how the Bilateral Chamber can engage its extensive network of U.S.-based IOCs,
independent producers, EPCs, service companies, advanced technology, training, and service
solution providers to assist and support NOC in the full value chain of its energy sector, including its commitment to reducing flaring and methane and CO2 emissions.

Bilateral Chamber and NOC executives discussed the Bilateral Chamber’s support of NOC’s
participation in the upcoming USTDA-sponsored, Bilateral Chamber-organized Advanced
Technologies for Methane Abatement Reverse Trade Mission (RTM) being led by Bilateral Chamber in May 2023.

The RTM will expose NOC delegates to next-generation technologies to support NOC’s
“MUBADARA 2030” zero routine flaring initiative and other near-term energy sector projects to minimize greenhouse gas emissions resulting from flaring and natural gas facility leaks, carbon capture and storage, and other solutions.

In conclusion, Bilateral Chamber and NOC executives agreed to advance further engagement to support NOC’s objectives of expanding operations, increasing energy production and
efficiencies, procuring advanced technological solutions and best practices, and identifying new operational and investment partners in the Energy, Healthcare, and Information and Communication sectors.

For more information, please contact Ms. Sukejna Kovacevic at

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